​​We offer a set of programs to support children, teens, adults, and families in our community through classes, private sessions, workshops, and retreats.   The intention of these programs is to promote healthy habits of mind and body... allowing individuals and families to function at their best and to live in harmony.  



Anchored Minds & Bodies

Mindfulness is a life skill that can benefit everyone....

Kids, today, are experiencing stress and anxiety even in elementary school!  Many struggle to stay focused, absorb what they're learning and cope with challenges, disappointments and social situations.  

Every now and then, like a ship in the ocean, we need to throw down an anchor to achieve a sense of stability and balance as we navigate our daily lives.  

Adults  are often juggling many hats and expect to be productive, efficient, and successful in each one...ignoring signals from their bodies, until health becomes a real concern.  

Testimonials demonstrating the many benefits of mindfulness...

***  Currently serving Somerset County, NJ  and surrounding areas.  ***

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Mindfulness can help!

Teens feel the pressure of competition: academically, athletically, and socially...always worried about meeting and exceeding expectations...often hard on themselves and on others.