. Manage Chronic Pain or Illness (stop resisting)
. Strengthen your Immune System 
. Lower Blood Pressure
. Reduce Heart Rate
. Decrease Anxiety (manage ruminating thoughts)
. Manage Depression (change your perspective)
. Improve compassion for self and others (acceptance)
. Increase Happiness (savor the joy)

​Mindfulness training can be an important complimentary or integrative program for anyone rehabilitating from illness or injury, to combat pain, stress, and anxiety.
Beneficial for Caregivers as well!

Scheduled Programs:  

"Unplug" (Guided Mindfulness Meditation Class), Tuesdays 7:30-8:15 pm; Fridays 11-11:45 am 

$20 Drop-in; 4-Class Session $64

Location:  eZential Wellness Center; Register:  www.ezentialwellness.com (908-526-0002)


and Mindfulness

The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness at Work:

Mindfulness for Parents/Selfcare for Caregivers/A Gift to Families:

Mindfulness programs in the workplace are growing at a rapid pace.

Business executives are realizing that in order to improve overall productivity, it is vital to offer programs that will help develop a healthy mind and body for their employees.  

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Parents who desire a more harmonious environment when raising their children/teens and who learn to live more mindfully both individually, and as a family, truly value this practice as a life skill. Caregivers who learn mindfulness practices to help: reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and immune function, and to increase energy levels, are better able to find moments of peace and joy in each day.  

How To Be Mindful When Parenting & Caring For Others:  

Care for yourself(like an airplane oxygen mask - parent/caregiver first, then child), so you can take care of your family.

Meet kids where they’re at, in the current moment, not overly focused on where you want them to be.  

Obtain and maintain emotional balance, when kids are more challenging, when under time constraints or when parenting demands are overwhelming.  Let them see you taking a "mindful moment" to center and settle your nerves.

Be creative/adaptable – Discover a new approach to the problem/situation, be open.  Mindful meditation allows us to drop beneath our habitual thoughts and allows creativity to flow.

Be more positive/smile(be less critical of self and others).  Mindfulness helps us to put things in perspective, observe thoughts - see them separate from us - silence our inner critic, listen to our inner coach, and learn to be more accepting and compassionate towards ourselves and our kids.  Maintain a sense of humor...parenting is a journey :-)

Improve overall well being -  Stay healthy.  Strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease cortisol production, activate the PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System - in charge of rest and digest) and teach kids the same! Practice mindfulness together...keep it fun...informal moments & formal short meditations...a life skill for the whole family!

Health & Wellness Benefits of Mindfulness:

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