***  Currently serving Somerset County, NJ  and surrounding areas.  ***

Questions? Contact:  maria.usewick@gmail.com


GIRLS:  STANDING STRONG Thur 4-4:45 pm/Summer-Thur 4:30-5:30 

BOYS:  FIT-FOCUSED-CHILL Thur 5-5:45 pm/Summer-Tues 4:30-5:30

$20 Trial; 4-Class Session $64 (45 min); $72 (60 min)


Individual Services


Coming this Summer

Jul-Aug:  Thurs 3:15-4:15 pm

Sept-June:  Sun 6:30-7:30 pm



Individual Integrative Occupational Therapy services, as well as private Yoga & Mindfulness sessions, are provided upon request for youth, adults, and families.  

Community Support/Resource

Guided Mindfulness Meditation:

Adult Class  

Classroom Programs

for Students

Anchored Minds & Bodies

Programs and Schedule

Tween & Teen Yoga & Mindfulness

Tweens and Teens learn to anchor their mind and body through the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness.  Yoga poses (asanas) help to develop muscle strength, balance and flexibility, while mindful meditation provides tools for calming the nervous system (to manage stress and anxiety), focusing the mind (to improve attention skills), building resiliency and cultivating self-compassion,  The class provides a fun and supportive environment to learn these valuable skills.

(Level:  Beginner/Intermediate) 

A variety of classes, discussion groups, and workshops are provided to help  integrate mindfulness into your daily life to better manage stress, anxiety, and pain; as well as to cultivate calm, clarity, optimism, and happiness each day. Those who wish to gain more knowledge about mindfulness, may attend various monthly workshops to delve deeper into the foundation of the practice.  Those who wish to gain more experience, may attend the weekly "Unplug"  Classes to cultivate and maintain their practice.  Lastly, "Mindful Meet Ups" for educators (as well as other school staff - counselors, therapists, nurses) will convene every month for an opportunity to discuss a mindful theme, share ideas/lessons, and practice mindfulness together... in an effort to develop a more mindful community.

Scheduled Programs 

Classroom Programs are available to schools who are interested in bringing mindfulness to the children in their classrooms (similar to a Mindfulness Special). The program includes parent & staff Info Sessions,  as well as Mindful Schools In-Class Training for students in grades K-5 (8 weeks, 30 min 1/wk or 15 min 2/wk).  Programs may be customized when possible, not to jeopardize efficacy, especially for Middle and High school students where, due to the nature of their schedule, training is often integrated into the Health Curriculum.

INNER EXPLORER Fridays 4-4:45 pm $20 Trial; 4-Class Session $64

(FALL 2018 Classes move to Mondays 4:30-5:15 pm)


Community groups, parent or caregiver organizations, clubs, sport teams, etc. who are interested in hosting an informational and/or experiential wellness workshop or group classes at their location are welcome to contact us for a customized program to suit their needs.  

An experiential class where adults begin to cultivate and/or maintain a personal mindfulness practice. During the class you will be guided through various forms of mindfulness meditation (sitting, moving (light yoga), and lying down).  There will be an intention (theme) and a few moments for brief reflection, if desired, to help you begin to develop your own practice.  Meditating with a group helps you commit to your practice, generate energy from the group, and feel supported on your journey to better health.  Give yourself the opportunity to let go of your: hectic schedule, commute, work, errands, ruminating thoughts, pain, and worries, and give yourself permission to just be in the present moment with a sense of relaxation, peacefulness, and overall well-being.

Inner Explorer (7 - 9 yr) Classes 

UNPLUG (Guided Mindfulness Meditation Class):  

Tues. 7:30-8:15 pm 

Fridays 11-11:45 am

$20 Trial; 4-Class Session $ 64  

All  'Scheduled Classes' taught at eZential Wellness Center, Branchburg, NJ. To register call 908-526-0002 or click to visit:  

Monthly Mindfulness Series

Customized On-site Programs

Educator Mindful Meet Ups are offered once/month as a resource, for those who are  integrating mindfulness into their work with youth/teens, to share and learn from each other's experiences.  Anchored Minds & Bodies will also share activities, books, videos, etc., that will support your work with kids.   Time will be allocated to anchoring ourselves as well, with a short meditation practice, in an effort to relieve the build up of stress and to  improve overall well being. 

Mindful Meet Ups can be organized for other groups, as well, such as: health professionals, parents/caregivers, coaches, etc. *Email to inquire about opportunities to collaborate and continue to cultivate mindfulness in your community!






Summer 2018:  Inner Explorer Mini-Camp Wed, 8/29/18, 1-3 pm

eZential Wellness Center

​​​​​Monthly Mindfulness Series 

2nd/3rd Saturday Each Month and Some Sundays

Times:  10-11 am/1-2:30 pm (1 hr, 1 1/2 hr, or  2 hr sessions)  Fees: $25-$50 (MMU - $5)

Topics Vary Each Month


3/10   10-11:00 am     Mindful Meet Up - for Educators ($5)

3/18   1-2:30 pm         STAY ANCHORED - Helping Parents & Teens Manage Stress                                                      (Donations are welcome)

4/14   10-11:00 am     Mindful Meet Up - for Educators ($5)

4/15    1:30-2:30 pm   STAY ANCHORED - BRHS Yoga & Mindfulness Class-Parent & Teen

​                                     (1:00 Registration; BRHS Small Gym; Parents $12/Teens $8)

4/26  7:00-8:00 pm   Caregivers Group "Monthly Mindfulness" The Arc of Somerset"

Individual & Special Programs 

Classes introduce mindfulness to children in a fun and engaging way.  They learn to develop self-regulation skills, strengthen their ability to sustain attention, be compassionate to themselves and to others, and much more.  They discover the ability to anchor themselves when things seem out of control, reducing anxiety and stress.  Through movement, stillness, stories, and games, the children mindfully explore their inner and outer worlds, while cultivating a very beneficial life skill!