Musicians - heighten focus and manage performance anxiety 

High School Students experiencing test anxiety when preparing for, or taking, SAT/ACT Exams can benefit from establishing their own mindfulness practice. Mindfulness will help them to combat the worry cycle that can cause them to "freeze" during tests.  They also learn to "bounce back" when tripped up on a question and be better able to stay focused throughout the remainder of the exam.  

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Teens Unplug with Yoga for Body & Brain; Jul-Aug: Thurs 3:15-4:15; Sep-Jun: Sun 6:30-7:30 pm 

Mindful Athletes - Currently Private Sessions 

Standing Strong - Tween Girls - Yoga & Mindfulness (Ages 10-13/14)May-June Thur 4-4:45 pm

*Summer & Fall 2018 Thur 4:30-5:30 pm

Fit-Focused-Chill  Tween Boys - Yoga & Mindfulness (Ages 10-13/14)May-June Thur 5-5:45 pm

*Summer & Fall 2018 Tue 4:30-5:30 pm

$20 Drop-in; 4-Class Session $64 (45 min)/$72 (60 min)

Location:  eZential Wellness Center, Branchburg, NJ  

Register:; 908-526-0002

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Standardized Test Anxiety

College-bound Seniors who have some natural trepidation about transitioning to college will benefit from cultivating a personal mindfulness practice.  

Mindfulness can give them a sense of stability (emotionally and physically) when embarking on uncharted territory, decreasing feelings of stress and tension, and increasing confidence in their ability to adjust to life and to balance studies on campus. 

Mindfulness can help students study more efficiently (decreasing distractions) and stay healthy (managing stress and strengthening their immune system).  Why not be proactive and position yourself for success and happiness in this exciting new environment.

Athletes - Sports are not just physical!

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'Mindfulness: Youth Voices' video

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"You perfect your technique, get stronger, faster, and build endurance, but still something is keeping you from reaching your full potential....."

'In practice you have no problem performing your best, hitting your shots, making the goals, running for touchdowns, or getting your best times; but, in the intensity of the game/meet, your nerves get in the way.....'

'You make mistakes on the field, have a bad race, come up short and it changes the course of the beat yourself up letting it effect your next opportunity to perform....'

These are common athlete scenarios....Mindfulness helps to quiet the internal chatter and allow an athlete to focus on the only thing he or she can control - his or her execution, RIGHT NOW.  Mental training helps an athlete learn to release him or herself from what just happened, come back, and get centered again. 

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and Mindfulness

Teens often struggle with awareness of choice, sometimes succumbing to peer pressure and developing unhealthy habits.

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Performance Based Programs:

Musicians can discover many benefits from cultivating a mindfulness practice, such as:

  • Super concentration - may prevent getting lost in thought in the middle of a performance and help to memorize the music 
  • Effortless creativity - helps to free up areas of the brain and open us up to creative ideas
  • Body awareness - allows for a relaxed, yet alert, state where you feel your posture and can maintain technique
  • Managing performance nerves - is much easier when you maintain a mindfulness practice and you're better able to settle your nervous system during times of added stress
  • Happiness - is largely increased through the practice of mindful meditation.  Musicians may be less critical of themselves, more motivated, and able to enjoy their passion for music!

College-Bound Readiness

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Mindfulness video 'Release' 
by Julie Bayer Salzman